Glam Me Up, Affirmation Challenge Journal

Glam Me Up, Affirmation Challenge Journal

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The Glam Me Up, 60-Day, Affirmation Challenge Journal was created as an inner-growth tool. A tool that is filled with affirmations, quotes and challenges to help you get to a better you. Being true to who you really are can at times be a difficult task. This journal is about writing and speaking your truth. 

The objective is to unlock that mental and emotional discomfort that keeps you doubting who you are, present yourself to the world who you truly are, and realize what you are capable of doing.  

The challenges will offer you the ability to consciously self-reflect and be inspired to make improvements in your life by affirmations and quotes that you can speak and challenge yourself with every day. 

Just For You: Because we value your business, with every journal purchase you will receive one of our beautiful Glam Up Crystal Ballpoint Pens.